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The Museum of Siam is unlike any other museum in Bangkok. It manages to hold its own alongside tourist greats such as the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

1. It’s unique!

How many museums in the world are devoted solely to the people’s identity? The Museum of Siam is all about “Thai-ness” and as the galleries show, it’s a lively discussion that everyone, even non-Thai can engage in.

2. The galleries are awesomely cool!

Nothing boring or old-fashioned here. Everything is presented in a hip and modern way and it’s not just scanning QR codes on your mobile phones. Wanna learn about Thai cuisine? Put one of the displayed plates on a scanner on the table and you get to see the ingredients being virtually loaded.

Everything here is interactive.

3. Everything you’ve wondered about is all here!

Want to know why boat noodles are called such and why they are always served in small bowls?

Just flip these plates and see the answers.

How about those small figures in Thai shrines?

There’s an entire gallery on Thai beliefs explained briefly.

These boxes contain artefacts used in certain practices. Feel free to get these, put them on the table, and explore.

4. Play pretend!

Take a seat in one of these wooden desks and pretend you’re a Thai student in a classroom.

You can also dress-up in some Thai clothes and have a photo taken.

5. The gift shop is awesome!

I enjoy museum gift shops as they often have made-for-them items. The Museum Siam’s is of no exception. There are many cute items and they’re not that expensive. Check-out the microfiber cleaning cloths and the hip t-shirts.

Getting There

The BTR Sanam Chan station is on the museum lawns. If staying riverside, get off at Tha Chang or Tha Tien (from Wat Arun) and walk.

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Just another Bangkok day

I had barely unpacked my clothes last Saturday after my trip in HongKong and there I was flying to Bangkok last Tuesday. I was arriving ahead of everyone else for the Southeast Asia Music Education Exchange (SEAMEX) 2018 at the Thailand Cultural Center. With about 30 people in the delegation I’m heading from my university, I just need that one day of solitary mindfulness. Always good to have a little me time.

Having been to Bangkok so many times, there’s nothing to do anymore but just head to After You, my favorite spot for shibuya toast.

I arrived at opening time (11am) which meant a choice of seats and no lines. Ordered the honey toast. Big size as always.

It has been five days already as I write this and so far everything has been going great inspite of walking around the city with such a large group. We even managed to survive rush hour at Sukuhmvit MTR.

A colleague and I have been staying in this wonderful hostel at the back of Grand Mercure near the Phra Ram 9 MTR station. LITA Bangkok just opened about 3 weeks ago and it has been the best budget place I’ve ever stayed at in all my Bangkok trips. It’s a little more expensive than the others but the place is clean, modernist, and spacious.

The staff is very welcoming and friendly. It’s the kind of place where you wouldn’t mind getting stuck due to the rain or the heat. It was a joy to be coming home to such a nice place after an entire day of walking. The students and my other colleague were staying at X9 Hostel just 300m away which made it convenient to meet and organize things.

In spite of being in this vibrant and busy city so many times, there’s still something in Bangkok that makes it enjoyable. The street food, the gentle manners of the Thai, the organized chaos that seem to underlie the city, all these come together to put some sense of why I still don’t mind coming here.

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First Night in Bangkok: A Tasteless Fried Rice and a Killer View

Unbelievable but I just had the most in tasteless fried rice in Bangkok at an outdoor restaurant called Steak Chef Noi.  To a cuisine that prides itself with the use of herbs and seasonings, it comes a surprise.  Besides, how can you go wrong with fried rice, the global dish if every foreign traveler in Asia?  Perhaps I should have ordered any of the Western food they have in their menu.  After all, the chicken nuggets came perfectly fried.  After all the delicious meals I have had in Chiang Mai, this dinner in Bangkok was such a disappointment.  At least, the resto was just across the Bangkok Hub Hostel, a nice enough place just 2 minutes walk from the Saphan Taksin BTS station and Central Pier.  Very convenient. Friendly English-speaking owner, too.  The only downside is my room is on the 5th floor up some narrow flights of stairs.  Sizeable clean room with a killer view.

The Sathorn Tower otherwise known as the ghost tower.  This building was supposed to be a Bangkok landmark but was never completed due to what people say is a string of bad luck.  Perhaps being built on an ancient burial ground (unverified) could be the root cause?  The stuff of urban legends.  It attracts many adventurers who scale it for its marvelous views.

So I’m parking my self  for 3 nights  in this Thai capital before flying back home to Manila on Sunday morning.  

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