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Penang House of Music

 Last  November 21, Penang just opened its own museum of music called the Penang House of Music and it was awesome. Located at Level 4 via the escalator at the ICT on Level 3, it took a bit of directions as we entered via the Komtar.  

While the more traditional music cultures such as the boria were represented, the center of the museum is Penang’s vibrant pop music in the past decades.

More than just housing displays, there are information boards with good graphics that provided visitors interesting music history tidbits.  

Do you know that a Filipino band was playing in Penang’s clubs in the 60s?

There are facilities that help visitors engage with the exhibits such as a mini cinema, a listening booth,  a VR room, and even a radio booth.

Mini cinema showing black and white films

VR room where you can watch someone sing while seeing informative graphics.

Discover Penang’s radio history and even try becoming a radio announcer.

The museum is really spacious and laid out really well. More importantly, there is a resource center open to everyone who wants to do research.

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